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Protest Mars McCain RNC Acceptance Speech

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While John McCain was speaking at the Republican National Convention someone staged a protest and the security quickly removed her from the audience. Update: The person who uploaded this video in YouTube says it was a pro-choice protest, but some others say it was pro-peace and anti-war protest.

McCain said "don't be diverted by the ground noise and the static."

It happend just few minutes ago before I wrote this story. I don't know what exactly happened. But there was a woman who tried to tear down what looked liked liked a banner. It was taken from her and she was removed from the audience.

The nation saw this protest on Live TV.

If you know more about this protest let's build up this story. Comment below please.

Was this a well preparted protest? We don't know yet. Tomorrow the media will write more about this. However, it seems that there are more then few protestors at the Republican National Convention as John McCain speaks.

But one thing I am looking is this: McCain is trashing Washing, an establishment part of which he was more than a decade.

It was a pro-choice protest, writes the person who uploaded the accompanying video. I personaly am a pro life and am against abortion, just for the record.

However, there are some who say that it was a pro peace and anti-war protest demanding peace and end of occupation.

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