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PM Olmert Faces Possible Imminent Indictment

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The police of Israel are expected to recommend on Sunday indicting the prime minister Ehud Olmert in three separate affairs: Talansky, Rishon Tours and the Investment Center.

Police and legal officials will meet Thursday and Sunday in an effort to wrap up the investigations on these three affairs.

Our reporter says the police may still question Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in connection with political appointments to the Small Business Authority.

The prime minister's media advisor, Amir Dan, commented that from Day One, before the investigation was even underway , the police declared they would recommend indictments.

Reported by Reka Network of Israel

Wikipedia background information on Olmert

On 4 May 2006, Olmert presented his new government to the Knesset. Olmert became Prime Minister and Minister for Welfare. The control over Welfare Ministry was expected to be given to United Torah Judaism if it would join the government. Olmert would, however, remain Minister of Welfare as UTJ usually prefers to manage government ministries from a Deputy Minister position.

On 24 May 2006, Olmert was invited to address a joint session of the US Congress.[24] He stated that his government would proceed with Israel's unilateral disengagement plan if it could not come to agreement with the Palestinians. Olmert was the third Israeli Prime Minister to have been invited to speak at a joint session of Congress. On June 4, 2006, Olmert announced he will meet Mahmoud Abbas to resume talks on the Road map for peace.

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