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Recover Your Precious Digital Photos

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You might suffer photo loss due to corruption in memory card, accidental deletion or formatting, using memory card with different card readers and many similar causes.

Such events cause precious moments to be lost that hold great sentimental and professional value for few. But following some regular tips can help preventing such situations to occur. Also, advanced Photo Recovery Software serve as valuable tools that allow you to recover lost digital photos in any case.

Following are some tips that, if applied efficiently, guard your digital data against getting lost:

· Back up regularly: Taking data backup is considered as the golden rule when it comes to saving the data. Burn the files onto a CD or DVD, upload them online or to hard drive or another digital device. Label and archive your important photographs and keep as much as possible hard copies of them.

· Don't format or initialize: When a digital card crashes, it often asks you to reformat it. Avoid this as the process might actually overwrite the existing data, thereby making the data inaccessible forever.

· Stop using the card after crash: You should avoid using the card or digital device, in question, immediately after any data loss event. If you continue to use it and take more pictures, it will overwrite the deleted photos.

· Don't expose the media to heat and magnetic fields: Almost all of the digital media devices are manufactured to work within a specific temperature range. If you exceed this threshold value, you might fry the components and lose the data. Also, if these devices are exposed to strong magnetic fields, this might delete or scramble the data.

· Keep the camera and media card in padded case: Doing so prevent them from shock damage that might otherwise harm the data.

· Use Photo Recovery Tools: If you have lost significant photos due to logical crashes, powerful Photo Recovery Software can prove competent to extract the seemingly inaccessible data. These are safe recovery applications that provide you exceptionally realistic interface embedded with advanced recovery options.

For best Image Recovery results, use Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery. This is one of the excellent recovery application that serves as comprehensive tool to recover all types of lost digital files. The application supports recovery from all types of cameras, digital cards and hard drives and supports almost all of the digital file formats. The tool is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

By Vivek Kumar Gupta

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