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Sapphire Lounge Presents Seyhan Musaoglu, MeKaniKdolls

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Sapphire Lounge in Manhattan’s Lower East Side presents “Dolls Like 2 Play” – an art party and exhibition of new drawings by Seyhan Musaoglu, with a performance by MeKaniKdolls.

Seyhan Musaoglu is a 26-year-old, recent MFA graduate who is quickly taking the underground art world by storm. Musaoglu’s drawings capture a raw energy of youth, feminism, and an affinity for geeky technology.

“Dolls Like 2 Play” features over twenty drawings and prints that take over the backroom gallery space at Sapphire Lounge. Color bursts from the page, comic book layouts tell dissonant, sarcastic stories, and one feels as if you’ve just entered some strange world commanded by cyborg women. Her newest series draws on influences as diverse as fashion, street art, science fiction, and gendered stereotypes.

Musaoglu’s work explores the vast worlds of fashion, science fiction and DIY technology with a strong feminist slant which allows for a multi-layered read that left me thinking about the overwhelming role of men in three. As a woman, Musaoglu challenges and critiques previously conceived notions about “model types”, nerdy sci-fi films of the 70s, and the dominant “male-ness” associated with handmade circuitry.

Seyhan Musaoglu is also one-half of the collaborative sound/performance project, MeKaniKdolls – a Brooklyn-based live art project conceived by Musaoglu and artist Jess Ramsay. The two create live, interactive performances that seek to bridge the long-divided gap between music and the fine arts, while simultaneously leading a valiant crusade for underrepresented women sound artists everywhere.

“Dolls Like 2 Play” – an art party and exhibition of new drawings by Seyhan Musaoglu, with a performance by MeKaniKdolls was held on Thursday, August 13, 2009.

Written by Jess And Seyhan

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