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iTunes and Mac Desktop Fails to Recognize iPod

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iPod is an Apple provided portable digital media player that comes with a unique combination with a hard drive. You can attach your iPod with Macintosh computer systems running Mac OS X and PCs running Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating systems. Since its initial release, Apple has provided its different variations that include iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and iPod Mini.

At times, you observe that when you connect your iPod to a Mac OS X running system, it fails to be recognized in Mac Finder or in iTunes. As a solution to this problem, you might restore your iPod and restore lost data from backup. But if you don't have any valid backup that could restore, you need to use iPod Data Recovery tool.

Following are the basic suggestions that you need to apply to make your iPod recognizable under iTunes and Mac desktop:

· You should try resetting your iPod

· Try using a different USB or FireWire port and/or cable

· Make sure that the software installed is updated

· Try restarting the system

· Reinstall iTunes with the latest version available

· Restore your iPod and restore data from backup

· Check if your iPod is fully charged

· Make sure that you are not trying to connect to a low-powered USB port

· Ensure that Mac is awaking

· Check the computer for complete iPod system requirements

· Ensure that latest iTunes version is installed on the startup disk

· iPod might failed to be recognized if there are multiple devices in the FireWire chain

· iPod disk format might be damaged. Restore it and use backup to get all the lost data back

· Check the system for faulty port

After restoring iPod, if you find that you cannot restore from the available backup, you require to use a powerful iPod Recovery application. Such tools are fully-competent utilities embedded with powerful technology to serach and locate the lost digital files from iPod. iPod Data Recovery software provide you interactive user interface and require no technical understanding to operate them.

Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery is the most suitable tool to recover lost music files, documents, audio books, podcasts, graphics and videos from iPods. It is a no n-destructive application with graphically rich user interface. It supports iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Mini and iPod Shuffle. This iPod Recovery utility provides advanced features like File Mask, File Filter and Find File etc.

Written by Vivek Kumar Gupta
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