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Apple’s iPhone 2.0.2 update does not fix 3G problems say users

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Apple’s newly launched iPhone 3G has of late drawn a lot of flak because of reported problems with the 3G system. According to complaints the iPhone 3G has been suffering from call drops and slow speeds while surfing.

Apple acted ignorant of this problem by never acknowledging the existence of this issue. In fact the Apple customer care representatives were bold enough to suggest switching off of the 3G feature as a solution to the problem.

Monday afternoon, Apple updated the iPhone’s software with the 2.0.2 firmware. However users who have installed the update still complain about the same problems with 3G reception. A few users said that although the update does not fix the problem apparently it improves 3G reception.

What is it with Apple? Why are they not acknowledging the problem? At least by acknowledging the problem they can provide some consolation to the consumers by making them feel that a fix is on the way. Instead the way Apple is operating with regards to this iPhone bug, it seems as if they have the power to decide what is a problem and what is not on behalf of the consumers.

Apple has already taken the hit with the Mobile Me fiasco and now by this high-handed behavior in dealing with a crucial problem they are further hurting their own reputation. Seems like their success has gone to their heads and made them increasingly arrogant.

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