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Apple customer satisfaction the highest... what a joke

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University of Michigan released its annual American Customer Satisfaction Index scores for the PC industry on Tuesday. In the index Apple seems to have outscored its competition for the fifth straight year. ACSI measures the overall customer satisfaction with a company on parameters like quality, value, customer service, etc. Apple’s score was 85 and has actually increased in 2008 over that last year.

This is a big joke. The comparison is unfair. How can you compare an Apple hardware running a superior Mac OS Leopard when all the PC manufactures had to be content with that lousy piece of software called Windows Vista from Microsoft? Its really an apples to oranges comparison.

The PC manufactures like Dell, HP, etc. had to face the ire of the customers mostly because of problems with the OS and not because the build of those systems were frail. Do the PC manufactures really deserve this blame? I do not think so. It’s grave injustice being done here. Let Apple open up its OS and make it compatible with PCs and then compare.

Probably the results would be more appropriate. Maybe we should just compare the hardware aspects of the computers sold. That would be more fair comparison.

The failure of Microsoft Windows Vista has definitely benefited Apple. This is evident from the sales of Apple computers.

Bad luck for the PC manufactures. Probably this would make them wiser against adopting Microsoft’s operating systems in the future the moment those are launched.

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