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Hillary Never Vetted For Obama Veep

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Barack Obama never vetted Hillary Clinton as his staff researched possible vice-presidential candidates. He never “asked her for a single piece of paper,” according to the Politico (in the linked article).

Some people — read PUMAs — are going to see this as yet another slight to Hillary. They’ll be wrong to take it that way. Obama said, after he clinched, that he wasn’t ruling anything out but didn’t think that Hillary would be his running mate. I don’t see any guile in that at all; to the contrary, I see refreshing honesty.

Plus, as she kept saying over and over during the primary, she’s been fully vetted. In any case, Obama is the nominee. He is entitled to make his own choice based on the criteria he has set forth.

Personally, I hope it’s Senator Biden. (David Brooks hopes so, too.) Yes, he’s prone to sticking his foot in his mouth, but as Brooks points out, that’s only the surface. He would be an excellent candidate and would complement Obama quite well.

Reported by Deanna's Ramblings

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