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Text Message Hoaxes Plague Obama's VP Plan

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By the time Barack Obama is ready to announce his vice presidential pick with a text message will anyone believe his VP choice? WIS10 reports.

"In recent days, as speculation and anticipation has mounted, so too have phony text messages declaring Obama's supposed running mate -- from Evan Bayh and Hillary Rodham Clinton to Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps.

There also were reports of John Kerry, Walter Mondale and even Eliot Spitzer.

In the absence of real information, pranksters have filled the gap with guidance from the website Wonkette -- and maybe Howard Stern, too. "

Probably never in the history of elections text message has been so unticipated as today's text message coming from Barack obama in regard to his VP. Millions are waiting to Obama text message to see the name of his VP.

The world of politics is in text message anticipation mode today.

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