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Margaret Thatcher Fights Dementia

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Former primer minister of UK Margaret Thatcher is fighting Dementia and in her worst days has difficult time to finishg sentences while battling the mental illness.

Carol Thatcher, the daughter of the former British Prime Minister and the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher writes to AFP that her worst days, her mother struggles to finish sentences but shows occasional glimpses of her old self, particularly when talking about her time in Downing Street.

"I had always thought of her as ageless, timeless and 100 per cent cast-iron damage-proof," Carol Thatcher wrote in her memoir, A Swim-On Part In The Goldfish Bowl, which is being serialised in the Mail on Sunday newspaper."

Alzheimer's Disease International writes that "every person is unique and dementia affects people differently - no two people will have symptoms that develop in exactly the same way. An individual's personality, general health and social situation are all important factors in determining the impact of dementia on him or her."

The symptoms of dementia include, but are not limited to memory loss, difficulty performing familiar tasks, problems with language, disorientation to time and place as well as poor or decreased judgement.

Margaret Thatcher, who is now 83 has given up public speaking in 2002 after having small strokes. She has been the only female prime minister of the Great Britain.

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