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Viewers Demand NBC For Olympic Closing Ceremony Live Coverage

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NBC will air the Olympic Closing Ceremony on August 24, 2008 at 7 PM ET. The airing schedule is not a live coverage and we found complaints on internet that NBC's actions are business driven vs championing the talents and events. More people call on NBC to provide 2009 Olympic Closing Ceremony live coverage.

Many countries provided the live coverage of the Olympic opening ceremony from beijing, but the richest country could only see it about 11-12 hours later when even the first results were already known.

This is a call to NBC to provide a live coverage of the Olympic Closing Ceremony from Bejing and repeat in the evening. I understand that you need to make money by showing more and rather expensive ads, but you already have the exclusive broadcasting rights and it is not understood why the most advanced country in the world can't see the Olympic Closing Ceremony live.

Here is another example that the population in this country does not go hand in hand on time with the world events.

Yahoo Que writes in Yahoo Answers "When will NBC show the Olympics closing ceremony in California? I can't find the schedule anywhere. By the way, NBC sucks. We have no live coverage, eventhough it's said LIVE on top."

N2.Nabble complains how bad has been the NBC's Olympic coverage and schedule. Now they don't want the same be created for the Olympic Closing Ceremony and ask the public to send urgent emails to NBC to provide Olympic Ceremony live coverage from Beijing.

In the same place the writer makes a good point by writing:


I write to tell you how your Olympics coverage disappointed me and my family. Your Olympics coverage is the worst in the entire world, literally. Try google

Before I go into the specifics, I want make it very clear that my criticism is entirely dedicated to the profit-driven business people in your company, and has nothing to do with the creative talent and the working people doing the actual work. Your business people made a decision to maximize profit and minimize public interest, and it has made your coverage the worst in the entire world.

We are the richest country in the world and we have the largest presence in Olympics, yet you offer almost zero live broadcast. You consistently fool the audience by having the "Live" sign in your replays when the result is all over the news. You take the thrill out of every single game. What a shame!

No other countries do this to their fellow citizens and to their athletes who are competing for the honor of their countries. Our closest neighbor Canada has everything live. So are every European countries, so are the third world countries like Brazil, Ukraine ...

Even in your replay, I am stunned by the amount of commercials. There are more commercials than the games.

And you jam all the games into 1 channel and 1 time period. Why? Existing technology is all there to allow you to have multiple channels to show more games, for example, you have a few channels for "bigger" sport like basketball and soccer, but they are all under-utilized when there are no games. You could easily add more channels or even use existing channels to show more games. But no, you want to maximize the ratings and the profit for your most monetized channel, and you don't care about the public interest.

To this day, I don't understand why you don't broadcast the opening ceremony live. The show was early in the morning. You could simply broadcast it live and then replay it at night. No, you are too greedy. You want to make high ratings and sell more ads so you force everybody to watch this great show 12 hours after the world has already seen it. No other countries has ever done this. This is no longer Olympics, this is just making money.

My point to NBC: The viewers in the United States of America do deserve to have the chance to watch the 2009 Olympic Closing Ceremony in a live coverage. Your schedule of the coverage for tomorrow needs to be revised.

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