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Hrant Dink Turkish-Armenian Journalist Shot Dead In Istanbul

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The Turkish-Armenian writer and journalist Hrant Dink has been shot dead in Istanbul, Turkey, reports the BBC referring to Turkish media.

Dink, the high-profile editor of newspaper Agos, was shot three times outside its offices in Istanbul.

Hrant Dink was one of the writers who had been prosecuted under Turkey's strict laws against "insulting Turkishness."

He was given a six-month suspended sentence in October 2005 after writing about the Armenian genocide of 1915.

Turkey denies Armenian genocide, saying the deaths were a part of World War I.
Dink, 53, had received threats from nationalists who viewed him as a traitor.

He was a public figure in Turkey - one of its most prominent Armenian voices.

He once gave an interview with the Associated Press in which he cried while describing the hatred some Turks had for him, saying he could not stay in a country where he was unwanted.

"His loss is the loss of Turkey," Koru said.

By Armenian Public Radio


Submitted by erku on

Killing of Hrant Dink and Armenian prominent journalist advocating for freedom and democracy in Turkey will again remind the world about the Armenian Genocide and will prompt more countries to recognize the fact that in the beginning of the 20th century Turkey committed the Armenian Genocide.

However killed Hrant Dink did not do a service to Turkey and to Turkish society. With lows precluding democratic speech, Turkey cannot become an EU member. It is better if turkey becomes a European Union member, but Turks need to really do more for it.

Hrant was a courageous man. May God give rest to his soul.

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