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2011 Dodge Durango Photo Reveals Vastly Upgraded Interior

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Chrysler is making a big effort to upgrade all of its products' interiors and the all-new 2011 Dodge Durango is no exception.

While we have already seen exterior shots of Dodge's new seven seater, this is the first opportunity to get a good view of the cabin. Of course, the marketing folks are putting their best foot forward by showing us a loaded model, but that is just fine by us. Like its sister, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the 2011 Dodge Durango represents a massive leap forward in interior design and materials.

We can also see some unique Dodge traits in this picture. For example, if you remember the ridiculously long press conference that Chrysler held some time ago where many journalists suffered from death by PowerPoint. One of the nuggets we got out of the whole ordeal was a picture of what appeared to be the 2011 Dodge Charger's instrument panel. In that picture, we see that the tachometer and speedometer have red halo rings surrounding the outer edge. We see the same thing on the Durango.This makes sense as Dodge is the adrenaline brand, performance, excitement, and so the color red come to mind. But on the center console, instead of keeping that red accent motif, the cup holders are lit in ice blue. Not a big deal, but it would make more sense to us if the color theme for accent lighting was kept consistent. For reference, we have attached the photo of the speculated Charger interior from the presentation so that you can see the familial traits.

Overall, the new Durango looks very promising and we look forward to crawling over it and reporting back our findings.

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