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2011 Nissan Quest Stars In Commercial

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Nissan has already teased us with images of its new minivan, but now the Quest is appearing in television commercials.

2011 Nissan Quest Looks To Take An Upscale Approach In Minivan Race

Nissan would like to really get back into the minivan game and it is hoping the 2011 Nissan Quest can compete with a field of all-new and heavily refreshed competitors. Nissan swung for the fences with its uniquely styled previous generation Quest. Nissan took a big charge when it was forced to ditch the centrally mounting instrument pod and move back to a more conventional layout. This time around, there will be no such games.

What the 2011 Nissan Quest shows us is a van that is going to play it safe when it comes to styling, this van will be as boxy as they come and inside the van, you will not feel as if you have just stepped into a Renault Espace.

Nissan will be showing us everything at the Los Angeles auto show and Huliq will be there, getting a good seat at the press conference. For now, let us talk about what we know. The all-new Quest will be built in Japan and our Quest is a modified version of the Japanese market Nissan Elgrand.

On its website, Nissan talks about its permanent hidden rear cargo storage, keyless entry system, blind spot warning system, a tire pressure monitoring system that will honk its horn when the right pressure is reached saving you from constantly checking with a tire gauge, extra large side view mirrors with tilt-down feature when backing up, 3.5L V6 engine, CVT transmission, air purifying system and dual sliding moonroof.

With minivan transmissions taking such a beating, with countless owners from all brands talking about failures, color us as being a bit skeptical about placing a CVT into such demanding duty.

What we also see in the pictures is a fairly upscale interior, a nice touch especially in light of the fact that Consumer Reports recently dinged Toyota for skimping on the quality of the 2011 Sienna's interior trim, something that Huliq writers have also complained about. The issue isn't so much with the entry level models, but when minivans creep into the $40,000 territory, consumers expect and should receive a higher class interior. We also like the fact that roof rails are clearly evident in the photo, something that Honda has moved into the dealer installed category for its all-new 2011 Odyssey.

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