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Ford Offers View Into 2012 Ford Focus Pricing

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It will not be available until spring of 2011, but Ford has its new 2012 Focus model online and we can learn a lot from the website.

As it did with the 2011 Ford Fiesta, Ford is dangling a bonus in front of consumers to try entice them to order early. In the case of the 2012 Focus, the prize is a $500 "Technology Rebate" for those pre-order. A tremendous amount of information can be learned from pre-orders, including body style, trim level, color, option choices and a host of other metrics that help Ford and its suppliers out of the gate in getting the right mix of vehicles to dealerships.

As Ford has found out with its Fiesta, consumers are paying big buck for options. In fact ,the take rate on costlier options in the Fiesta is catching Ford a bit flat footed as its suppliers struggle to keep up with higher demand on options like heated seats.

Taking A Deeper Dive Into The 2012 Ford Focus

Just like the Fiesta, the sedan leads the way with an entry price of $16,995, with destination charges, while the hatchback kicks off at $18,790 with a $725 destination charge.. Cruise control, map lights and an alarm will set you back $345. MyFord and Sync will run $735. If you want Sony sound with that Sync, then you step up to another trim level and for over $995 for the package. All told, you can can the all-new Focus well north of $25,000 but for that price it will be loaded to the gills with options like parking assistance.

Early looks at the 2012 Focus indicate that Ford has done its homework. Ford is offering customers the option of sedan or hatch and the ability to gild the lily as much as each buyer's financial sensibilities allow. You can get a closer look at Focus hatch pricing in this PDF and sedan pricing pricing in this link. The video shown in this story is a production model Focus wagon, a vehicle that we will not get in the United Status. However, we will be getting the Grand C-Max people mover.

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