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iPhone To Verizon? Wall Street Journal Report Confirms Launch

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The widely speculated rumor that the iPhone will no longer be the sole parlance of AT&T next year gained additional credibility today when the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) cited sources confirming that Apple will begin manufacturing a Qualcomm chipped CDMA phone in early 2011.

The handwriting has been on the wall for some time that the iPhone would soon become available on America's largest cell phone carrier. When AT&T allowed its current subscribers to upgrade early during the launch of the iPhone 4 back in June, it appeared to be a last attempt to lock up its users before news broke that Verizon would be offering its own version of the iPhone. The WSJ's report seems to be the closest thing to a non-official confirmation before an actual announcement is made.

Verizon iPhone Will Face Established Android Models

It is a different world from the 2007 launch of the original iPhone. Google's Android smartphone OS has been gobbling up share with a host of hardware companies producing attention grabbing models and creating a loyal fan base in the process. Many smartphone users who would have jumped at the opportunity to get an iPhone now may be content with their Android model.

For its part, AT&T has said in the past that losing iPhone exclusivity would not be a deal breaker for the company. AT&T says that many iPhone users are part of family plans and that it believes that these users will stay loyal.

Also in the WSJ report was news of a fifth generation iPhone that will break with the current iPhone's design. There was no information as to which carrier might be this new design.

Of course, all parties involved declined to comment on the Wall Street Journal report. What remains speculative is whether or not the new iPhone will feature both legacy a CDMA chip and have 4G LTE capability as well.

Source: WSJ

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