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Labor Troubles At Chevrolet Cruze Assembly Plant

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Recently the first production 2011 Chevrolet Cruze models started rolling down the assembly lines at General Motors' Lordstown facility, but underneath all the speeches and fanfare are there troubles on the shop floor?

Flyer Warns: Management Is Not Your Friend

The problem apparently stems from "underbody repairs" on newly assembled Chevrolet Cruze compact sedans being being performed by an outside vendor. The UAW insists that these repairs be conducted in-house and not shipped offsite. Upset at the situation, several local UAW officials fired off a flyer critical of the move.

According to those who have seen the flyer, UAW officials at the plant warn members that “The only time management wants to work jointly is when it benefits them; they have been sneaky, evasive and dishonest on many issues."

Both sides quickly moved to stem the crisis on this very important model. A UAW official said the issue was akin to a "Family squabble" and a General Motors stopped sending the cars offsite and a spokesperson said a resolution was expected soon.

The Cruze is a key vehicle for General Motors and the UAW. Recently a Fox News affiliate caught Chrysler assembly line workers drinking beer and smoking what appeared to be marijuana while taking a break at work. With extra attention being paid to the auto industry bailout, both unions and manufacturers have a lot to lose when it comes to negative attention.

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