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Lincoln Dealers Hear Future Plans, No Longer Mad Men?

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For quite some time, Lincoln has not received the love befitting of a company's flagship brand. Now that Mercury is getting ditched, FoMoCo is stepping up and doing right by Lincoln.

It could be understandable that Lincoln dealers might be mad men (and women) given the turmoil and lack of design focus that has plagued the marque for years. Now that Ford has some breathing room, it looks as if the storied brand might live up to the image of its forebears such as the Continental convertible used in the HBO's Entourage opening credits. This week Ford executives are meeting with Lincoln dealers to go over future products and plans for dealership contraction.

We have already covered the new pitchman for Lincoln, Mad Men's John Slattery. But to truly have an impact, Lincoln has to have more products to push for a new ad campaign to really have an impact. We here at Huliq have long bemoaned the loss of the Lincoln LS. The sports sedan was merely a second generation away from Lincoln having a real BMW and Cadillac fighter. Instead of that second generation model, all we got was a lousy t-shirt and the milquetoast Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ. There is no word of a true LS model revival, but there is talk of a larger Continental-style flagship sedan and rumors of a Lincoln pickup return. We also know that Lincoln wants to offer a smaller, C-segment vehicle. Do not be shocked if you see a smaller, sub-MKX sized crossover, along the lines of the next Ford Kuga and Escape.

Lincoln wants to cut down on the number of showrooms it has and improve the experience at the ones it keeps. It would be wise to remember that General Motors massively whacked Cadillac dealers only to roll back a bit when it came time to settle arbitration claims. To be sure, GM did not want to fight every dealer appealing the decision to close its doors, but we also think that GM might have realized that it attacked its base a little too aggressively by chucking many rural Cadillac dealers.

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