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Mad Men Slattery To Pitch Lincoln Cars

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Ford's luxury brand Lincoln has a new campaign and new spokesman, John Slattery who plays Roger Sterling on AMC's hit show Mad Men.

With its mainstream Ford brand posting excellent reviews, positive sales numbers and a product pipeline full of desirable cars, the company must now turn its attention to its Lincoln brand.

Slattery Offers Lincoln A Recognizable Voice That Does Not Take Over The Commercial

Earlier this year, Ford decided to ditch Lincoln's stablemate, the Mercury division. This move frees up money and allows the blue oval to focus more of efforts on improving Lincoln's product portfolio. Two products that Lincoln is proud of are the refreshed 2011 Lincoln MKX and the new Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. To draw attention to the division, Lincoln has a new campaign called "Smarter Than Luxury" which will focus on all the high technology goodies that Ford is cramming into its vehicles.

While we are not crazy about the tag line, the new voice of Lincoln is more convincing. Slattery's conversational style and non-overpowering status means that the brand will have a new champion to convince buyers that Lincoln is worth a look. Ford still has an issue, we believe, with differentiation. While the 2011 MKX does a better job of differentiating itself from the Ford Edge that 2010 model did, you can still get almost all of the Lincoln goodies on the cheaper Ford. The MKZ offers even less motivation over the Ford Fusion.

Ford has promised a whole raft of new products for Lincoln over the next few years. The company says that it realizes the need for Lincoln to stand on its own and provide a clear concept of what the brand stands for. While we remain unconvinced on the product, the advertising is starting to become more credible.

Slattery's commercials start airing on Saturday during NBC's coverage of the Ryder Cup. We have two versions to share, one is embedded with this post and the other can be found in this link. For trivia fans, spot the Mad Men star in this Visa commercial!

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