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Next Nissan Versa Shown In Sketch Form

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Nissan has decided to show auto fans a glimpse of its next generation Versa compact in this hyper-stylized sketch drawing.

Nissan is shuffling around platforms, and the next Nissan Versa should be built on Nissan's V-Platform. The V stands for versatile and will be able spawn smaller cars, such is the next Micra and variants such as the new four door "smart" vehicle that Penske will be peddling to help keep its struggling smart dealer network afloat.

The new 2011 Nissan Juke has been earning raves in the automotive press, so we have high hopes that the somewhat frumpy, but well-equipped Versa will be reborn with more enthusiastic driving dynamics. There is no doubt, based off this sketch, that the new model will be at the least more dynamic looking.

When will it bow? We know that the 2011 Nissan Quest will be debuting at the Los Angeles show, will Nissan make it a "twofer" and show us the new Versa as well?

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