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Hot PETA Super Bowl Commercial Gets Banned

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I suppose NBC is looking to avoid any Janet Jackson-ish Super Bowl surprises, but in all honestly: this is a PETA commercial you're banning, NBC, not a Super Bowl gig. NBC has decided to pull the ad because they feel it is just a little too sexy for television.

The PETA commercial in question in question shows lingerie-clad models having, er, fun with a variety of veggies. And no, we're not talking about anything all that racy.

Yes, there is some oil involved (unsure if it's warm or not) and a hot tub as well (which much have been fun to clean up after dumping vegetables in it). But realistically, there's probably hotter action on cable networks.

The PETA commercial implores viewers to "Go Veg!" and tells them that "Studies Show Vegetarians Have Better Sex." Whether or not that's true, I wouldn't mind being that brocolli head I saw in the ad.

Seriously, however, is this all that racy? A PETA rep told the New York Post:

"PETA's veggie ads are locked out, while ads for fried chicken and burgers are allowed, even though these foods make Americans fat, sick and boring in bed."

Readers? Watch the ad attached to this post.


Submitted by erku on
Indeed, this Peta Superbowl ads deserves to be banned. This is not something to show on a TV program that is watched by families. What are my children supposed to learn from this? Shame on Peta for thinking to present this to the American people.

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