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This is just odd. I blogged about on my page, but thought it would be even more informative and useful to post it here.

I went to and saw a post with full text and video of Obama responding to the agreement reached on the Stimulus. Much to my surprise the video would not play. But this was only the beginning of the strangeness.

I hit refresh and have since been back three times. The entire video, headline, and post have vanished without trace or remark!

This raises interesting questions: Was the response not due out yet? Was it somehow deemed inappropriate, or something more pernicious? Perhaps the agreement was not reached after all?

I really have no idea, but the sudden disappearance of a entire post and video from is a very odd and troubling thing!


Submitted by erku on
That's very interesting. In case the video is available on Saturday, would you be able to tell if it's the same or changed?

Submitted by mattwion on
The video was a response to the senate agreement on the stimulus. Today a new video is up. I can see that it is very similar, but more guarded than what was up there before. I guess that is why they pulled it, to put up less enthusiastic and more cautious response. Here is the new video:

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