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Windy Hager, a 16 Year Old Married 40 Year Old Former Teacher

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Windy Hager, a 16 year old South Brunswick High School Student in North Carolina, marries to Brenton Wuchae, who is 40 years old and was the former coach at the school.

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WILMINGTON, N.C. - The school district that employed a 40-year-old high-school science teacher and cross-country coach who married a 16-year-old student could find no reason to fire him, school officials said.

Brenton Wuchae coached Windy Hager at South Brunswick High School, where she recently completed her sophomore year as one of the school's top runners.

Wuchae resigned his position and, according to a marriage license, married Hager after the girl's parents begrudgingly gave their consent.

Brunswick County Schools Superintendent Katie McGee said both the school system and the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office investigated Wuchae's case but did not come up with enough evidence that would merit charging or even firing the coach.

Is there something wrong with the law in North Carolina? We already know that there is something wrong with a 40-year-old teacher having a relationship with a 16-year-old student Windy Hager. This story also highlights the feeling of powerlessness and helplessness that a lot of parents feel when it comes to their teenagers. It says that the girl's parents "begrudgingly gave their consent".

Hager's parents, Dennis and Betty Hager, said they did all they could to keep the couple apart after noticing a deeper-than-usual friendship forming between them. The parents said they tried to intervene by talking to the coach, going to school officials, pleading with police and sheriff's office detectives, even other teachers and students at South Brunswick.

But the Hagers say they reluctantly signed a consent form allowing their daughter to marry her coach.

Granted, the victim in all of this is the girl. However, the parents appear to have talked to everyone except their daughter, based on the report above. Were they afraid to say "no contact with this creep"? There's no mention of any discussion with the teen when they noticed an inappropriate relationship forming. Not even any mention of them warning her to stay away from him. The fear is usually that the child will run away or harbor some other ill feelings towards the parents. Imagine the way that this teen will feel in several years when this marriage ends painfully in divorce and she asks her parents why they didn't stop her from marrying him. Trust me, it will happen.

This guy took great care to win her trust by singling her out and grooming her for a relationship. According to a story that appeared in the State Port Pilot on Nov. 8, 2006, Hager was reported as saying:

"He's very encouraging. He's always telling us how proud he is," Windy Hager told the paper. "I'm proud of where I finished but he seems to be even more proud of me."

I would like to know what kind of history this 40-year-old teacher has at previous schools. - Source: Reprinted from Sharp Arrows Blog


The teacher is not a devil and has not done any evil if the 16 year old NUBILE girl has agreed to marry him in mutual consent. But I hope he was not sleeping with her before she became 16. If he had abused her before 16, then he should be arrested and prosecuted for child abuse and rape. In Africa, older men marry 16 years old nubile maidens. And my mother got married at 15 in 1955. I had a relationship with a Nigerian High School senior who was 18 when I was 43. And she still loves and wants me. She fell in love and at 18, she was already an adult and has attained the legal age of consent in Nigeria. Impressionable High School girls and younger women prefer older men. And biologically, it is quite natural for a 40 year old man to sleep with a 16 year old girl. Nature has no morals. One God, one faith.

Submitted by Sopater on
I can see why you would choose to justify this relationship since it helps further support your position. However, it is not ethical for a teacher to have a relationship with a student regardless of the student's age. Social accpetance and legality does not justify immoral or unethical behavior. Nature may have no morals, but society must have morals to survive. Those morals must be conducive to the overall health of the society and be structured so as to protect the vulnerable and defenseless. Eventually and most certainly, we will be judged by the One true God for the decisions we have made, regardless of how many others have made the same or worse decisions. God Bless America

Submitted by erku on
I think this is very much wrong. I understand the love, but the honeymoon will pass, and then what? How are they going to deal with the difference of opinions and interest? In western society because of too much freedom parents have lost a lot of control on providing guidance over the children. Children, because of lack of experience, make wrong choices, and parents should be able to change that and provide better guidance to children. However, the society needs to support this too.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
not really everything I've ever heard in religion class about marriage sacred institution by God cannot be dissolved once consummated except by death and that both partners are equal as in the male or female doesn't control everything that goes on between the two as for sex laws in Leviticus they are no bestiality no homosexual relations and no incest sorry if this is a repeat

Submitted by rocdiva on
What in the world are u talking about. I'm Nigerian fully 100% and I'm pretty sure that the Nigerian girl you claim to have a relationship with was disowned from her family and her village. And she knows it. For you saying in Africa it's okay in some places yes but its not always okay in Nigeria, especially if that girl is Igbo I know her parents beat the living mess out of her dumb butt. If she's 18 and your 43 or whatever and your not nigeria you must be rich, cause things like that just doesnt happen. I'm pretty sure she was disowned or something so ask her then let me know. If not then maybe she's Yourba, I dont know. But stupid stuff like that dont pass with Igbo's unless the parents are completely poor and love to make their family look stupid.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Personally I think that people should stop and talk 16 and 17 yr olds about talking to older men instead of going and talking to law enforcements because that is only going to make them determine to do it anyway. Age aint nothing but a number, And if people would mind their own business, and let people make their own choices, life would be so much better. I am 21 and I got married to a 44 year old when I was 16. my family did anything in their power to break us up and the more they did the more we would not let go. And I have to admit life was hard getting around. because we had to deal with people with their racial attitudes and comments with him being a 44 yr old white male and me a 16 yr old African American female. That did not stop us only us two knew that we really loved each other. He helped me with my school he did not keep me from any of my dreams. there is no sin in age but it is in the sex before marriage. Next month is our anniversary for 5 yrs we have beautiful children of three and one on the way and I am happy and they are too. -- GGUTP

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Thank you for that comment 'personally i think that'. What they did was not wrong, how can you call love wrong? Because if you are saying their relationship is wrong you're saying love is too. My teacher and I both fell in love many years ago now. He was 35 and I was 16 and I still remember it like it was yesterday. No one ever found out, even while I was in school. We went on dates but we never had sex even though I was 16. You cannot help who you fall in love with, age does not matter, just because one is a teacher and the other is a student why should that keep them from expressing their true feeling to eachother. Love is a beautiful thing and those who have it are increadibly lucky because a life without love is no life at all. I married my ex teacher and we have beautiful children together. People in this world should not make others feel bad for doing something that they cannot falling in love with a person who makes you happy. If this is wrong to fall in love with that person, is there also something wrong with happiness?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This is absolutely normal.It is NORMAL a 16 years old girl,even I would say woman to be with 40 years old man.If she wants she can be with 40-50-60 years old man!!!Age is just a number and 16 years old is already young woman!!!She is NOT a child he is NOT a pervert!Let people make their own choices!!!Thats true!

Submitted by anonymous (not verified) on
I agree with your coments, I am 57 years old man and I like so much younger girls. I think a 16 years old girl can be with a older man like me. It is perfectly NORMAL, girls betwen 16 and 30 yeras old are beatiful and perfect for a older man.

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