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Northwest Indiana’s “Honey Bee Killer” still loose, police ask public for help

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The police in Illinois and Northwest Indiana, near Chicago, have released a new composite sketch of the man some are calling the “Honey Bee Killer” who shot three people earlier this week. One of the men he shot, Rolando Alonso, died from his wounds and the two others are still in critical condition. Police are asking the public for help and have begun questioning other drivers who were in the area at the time of the shooting.

The man, described as unshaven and disheveled, approached men who were rehabbing a house in Illinois, near the Indiana border. While there he engaged two of the men in conversation about building materials. Without warning he produced a revolver and shot Rolando Alonso on the front lawn. Then he chased 19-year-old Josh Garza into the house and shot him. Another 19-year-old worker fled into a field and called police.

The man then drove his Chevy Cheyenne pickup truck into Northwest Indiana. There he engaged, while in the truck, in a conversation with farmer Keith Dahl. He asked Dahl if he would be interested in keeping bees on his property. When Dahl expressed an interest the man appeared to hand over his phone number, name and contact information and, instead, shot Dahl. Dahl slumped over the wheel of his truck and feigned death until the gunman drove away. He then called police.

A bi-state police task force

The authorities have announced a bi-state police task force to look for the man. The police have now released a new sketch of the man. So far no trace of the man has been revealed and no more victims have, as yet, been discovered. The police are convinced that he is likely still somewhere in the Northwest Indiana area.

The residents in the area, meanwhile, have been living in fear for days. There are reports from residents that many are carrying weapons and are afraid of driving anywhere alone. The authorities continue to assure the public that they are doing everything in their power and comparing bullets from the shootings to determine if the gunman used more than one gun.

When he was last seen the man was reported as in list late 40s. He was seen wearing faded jeans and a green windbreaker and a baseball cap. He was also wearing brown work boots. The authorities have warned the public that he appears to be mentally unstable and should be considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with tips or who recognizes the new composite sketch should contact Northwest Indiana authorities.


I was walking down the Calumet bike trail in the Town of Pines in Porter County, in Indiana going west from Michigan City, IN as i arrived at the (Hwy 520) and (Hwy 12)cut off. Back in the woods I heard a man yelling at the top of his lungs Screaming (SOMEBODY HELP ME! HELP ME PLEASE!) So i emediately ran to the gas station(Virk's gas station) to call 911 a sherrif came out and I explained to him what I had heard that day. I left and went home. I then got in my car and went back a half hour later hopeing that someone would be checking that woods out to see if a man was hurt, but at that time I did not know that a man was on the loose. All I know is a man was in that woods that day either to lure me in or was seariously was being attacked. Still to this day no one has checked that woods out. Thank you for your time.

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