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Accused NW Indiana shooter to be freed, alibi checks out

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Brian Dorian, the former Lynwood police officer who had been arrested as the “Honey Bee Killer” is expected to go free according to lawyers and the Will County Prosecutor’s office. The report, on the same day Dorian appeared for the first time in court, means that the man accused of shooting three people, killing one, is still on the loose. According to Dorian’s attorney, police were able to verify his alibi.

Dorian’s attorney, Bob Odekirk, spoke with a local newspaper about the recent developments. He stated that the police were able to determine that Dorian was using his computer at 11 a.m. the day of the shooting, as he had told police. This means he would have been at home and online instead of where the shootings took place.

Press conference coming

The Will County Prosecutor’s office was reportedly going to have a press conference later tonight announcing that the charges against Dorian would be dropped and he would be released. The Prosecutor’s office has stated that they have no compunction about dropping the charges when “exculpatory evidence” has been discovered no matter what public opinion is.

Dorian had been accused of shooting three men in a bi-state shooting spree one week ago today. The gunman approached two men rehabbing a house and opened fire after engaging them in conversation. One of those men, Rolando Alonso, 45, died from his wounds. 19-year-old Josh Garza was wounded. The gunman then drove 13 miles into Indiana and shot a farmer as he sat in his truck after discussing the subject of honey bees. The farmer and Garza were recovering from their wounds.

Last week police released sketches of the officer. On Friday Dorian was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. His former police supervisor and his family had repeatedly expressed their dismay and protested his innocence. Dorian was on medical leave from his police duties due to a shoulder injury.

Details of Dorian’s life had been revealed since the arrest. In 2006 he was involved in a fatal car accident when his pickup truck struck a car. The 17-year-old driver inside the car was killed. Dorian was issued citations for speeding but never charged. The driver’s family sued Dorian and the case was eventually settled out of court.

The shootings had caused near-panic to residents of Northwest Indiana, near Chicago. Reports stated that most residents were carrying firearms and locking up their homes.


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