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Amtrak train headed for Chicago derails in Nebraska

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An Amtrak train headed for Chicago’s Union Station derailed in Nebraska on Friday, causing some injuries, but not leading to any deaths.

The train was headed east and carrying 178 passengers when the accident occurred. According to rescue personnel who responded to the accident, there were seven passengers on board who were taken to local hospitals with injuries severe enough to require some form of medical attention. None of those injuries, however, were considered to be life-threatening.

According to MSNBC, the train was known as the California Zephyr. The train struck a vehicle, reportedly a farm vehicle, as it traveled through the state of Nebraska. The train was in the southwestern portion of the state, near an area known as McCook.

Officials said that the agricultural vehicle had broken down right on the tracks. The train hit the vehicle and left the tracks. The train was big enough to require two locomotives and both of those vehicles left the tracks when the obstruction was hit. Three of the rail cars also were sent off the tracks, and tumbling into nearby fields. The rest of the train stayed on the tracks and remained upright.

As of this morning, Amtrak officials and members of BNSF, which are owners of the tracks where the accident occurred, were en route to the scene. No further information was available from either Amtrak or any officials at the scene. There was also no information about those who were operating the machinery that got stuck on the track.

If there are people who are concerned about friends or relatives on the train, they were being encouraged to contact 1-800-523-9101. Amtrak was also apparently providing updates on the accident and the status of passengers and the train on their Facebook page.


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