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Alligators and pythons seized from Crystal Lake, Illinois, home

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Just a day after at least 50 exotic animals were freed from an illegal private zoo in Ohio, authorities near Chicago have seized two alligators and several pythons from a home.

The authorities were acting on a tip. Police and animal control authorities visited a home in Crystal Lake, Illinois, which is many miles northwest of Chicago. Once they got there they found the resident had two alligators and pythons on the premises, both of which were against local laws.

According to media reports, authorities and police from three different agencies in McHenry county acted on the tip and entered the home. The home belonged to Anthony Bonfiglio, 35, which was located at the 400 block of Linn Avenue. The raid happened Thursday night at about 7:45 p.m. At that point they found the animals and took them away.

The alligators were not small, either. One was 10-feet long and the other was 5-feet long. The reticulated python was 12 feet long. They authorities also found five carpet pythons, seven turtles, parrots and a white fox from the same home.

The alligators and the reticulated pythons are the animals that violate local ordinances. Those animals were confiscated from the home by authorities. There was no more information about what penalties will be assessed against Bonfiglio.

Exotic animals such as alligators and reticulated pythons are illegal throughout the state of Illinois.

This incident was just a day after a man in Ohio released a number of exotic animals from his backyard zoo and then killed himself. Over 50 animals, from tigers and lions to bears, were shot or captured by police.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This is inacurate information. Reticulated Pythons are perfectly legal to own in the State of Illinois.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
they are, but many local citys dont allow them by ordinance.... stuff comes in illegally at the all animal expo

Submitted by Nicholas D'Andrea (not verified) on
Please inform your writers to get all the proper information on the news they reporting before they wright it. The reticulated python is not illegal to own in the state of Illinois. Please know there is certain Counties, towns, and cities they do not allow certain animals.

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