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Convicted murderer to walk free after 12 years in prison

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Justin Boulay was convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Andrea Will, by strangling her with a telephone cord. Despite being convicted of this crime and being sentenced to prison, Boulay is now scheduled to go free after serving just half of his sentence. Rumors are that he plans to go to Hawaii.

Will’s family has released a statement to the press saying that they are heartbroken. They also say that they feel he has not served enough time behind bars.

Vigils planned

In addition to Will’s family being upset, the community around the Will family is also outraged. They are planning to hold candlelight vigils. Vigils are being planned in Illinois, where Will was from, and Hawaii. These vigils are planned for when Boulay walks out of prison.

What the families and friends are finding particularly upsetting is that none of them were called to testify at a parole hearing. Will’s former roommate, Michele Vogt-Felde, said that she was certain she would be called to do so, but was not. Will’s family has also expressed similar feelings and outrage.

Boulay has married since going to prison. Representatives have said that he plans to move to Hawaii with his new wife. The two were married in 2007.

There appears to be nothing improper with the parole. According to the law, Boulay was able to serve “day for a day.” In short, that eliminates one day of his sentence for every day that he served. New laws that would require convicted murderers to serve 85 percent of their sentence would not apply to him.


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