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41-year-old teacher leaves wife for 18-year-old student

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He claims she was just a student, but as soon as Jordan Powers turned 18, she and her teacher, James Hooker, moved in together and started a serious relationship.

Hooker, 41, has come under fire from many residents in Modesto, California, including Powers' mother Tammie, who is on a personal crusade to prove that Hooker's relationship is not just inappropriate but also illegal.

Hooker, a business teacher at Enochs High School, met Powers when she was a freshman. In time, Powers became a student of Hooker, and the two claim that the relationship involved nothing more than typical student-teacher interactions.

However, when Powers became a consenting adult, she and Hooker revealed that they were now a couple. The news seemingly came as a total shock to Hooker's wife and his three kids, whom Hooker abandoned to pursue his relationship with Powers. To make things more awkward for the family, one of Hooker's children is a 17-year-old classmate of Powers.

While many in Modesto found the actions of Hooker detestable and immoral, determining whether the relationship's origins were in fact legal has become the next step. Hooker and Powers say nothing physical happened before the student turned 18.

But Powers' mother is not so sure. She has teamed with police in an attempt to press charges against Hooker, whom Tammie Powers believes preyed on her daughter as an innocent freshman and cultivated an illegal relationship with the girl.

Tammie Powers claims that she has a photo that shows her daughter on Hooker's lap, and it was taken before her 18th birthday. Additionally, Tammie has records of text messages, phone calls and emails that she believes will prove Hooker's relationship with her daughter began before she was an adult. Tammie has taken to Facebook and multiple media outlets to get her story into the national spotlight.

Aside from Tammie's outrage, many in the community have expressed concern about the situation to the school district. Whether illegal or not, student-teacher relationships are traditionally frowned upon and worry parents who feel a teacher should be focused on educating students, not entering into relationships with them.

Hooker says that he has no regrets, maintaining that he's done nothing wrong and is confident the charges will not stick. Meanwhile, his 18-year-old girlfriend has moved in with him at an apartment complex. Powers has also dropped out of school and is finishing her high school academics independently.

VIDEO: James Hooker and Jordan Powers explain their relationship

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I had a woman teacher in Tarrifville School take my daughter to her home . She kept telling my daughter her parent was a bad person . This teacher is now retired . This same teacher kept telling me how I need to raise my child . When I brought it the attention of the school they made my like miserable.

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