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Will Jack Bauer ever return? '24' movie delayed yet again

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It's been almost two years since 24 fans got their Jack Bauer fix. And it appears the wait will be a while longer.

Kiefer Sutherland, better known as Jack Bauer to viewers of the former FOX hit television show, had hoped to begin shooting the long-awaited 24 movie next month, but according to a report from, production will once again be delayed, possibly until 2013.

Since the television series 24 ended in May 2010, fans have been eagerly awaiting the film that has been in the works since the show's sixth season. But the project has run into roadblock after roadblock. The movie was shelved at one point, only to be brought back with new producers.

However, budget concerns and Sutherland's salary requests have caused yet another delay. reports that Sutherland wants a $40 million budget for the film and a $5 million fee for his services. Fox reportedly wants a budget of $30 million and offered Sutherland $2 million.

While says production is expected to begin in 2013, Entertainment Weekly reports that no firm date has been established, and 20th Century Fox is working to hammer out details regarding scheduling and logistics before proceeding.

A script is reportedly in place, developed with the help of Sutherland and producer Tony Scott. The movie would not play off of any preexisting story lines from the show's eight seasons, instead standing alone to appeal to both fans and those who never saw the show.

The movie would likely, however, follow 24's traditional real-time style. The premise of the show was that each season was one day and all 24 one-hour episodes occurred in real-time.

24 was considered a groundbreaking show. The story of Jack Bauer's dealings with the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) appealed to millions of viewers and critics. The show, which began airing in 2001, earned 68 Emmy nominations and won 20 times.

The final season is left somewhat open, as Bauer is shown fleeing from both the American government and international hunters. It is this open ending that led many fans to believe that a subsequent movie would close any remaining holes in the story line.

But not only will the movie not build on the final season, the actual release of the film continues to remain in a cloud of doubt.

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Submitted by Stevo the Magni... (not verified) on
The '24' movie will follow on from the series' end, it will NOT be in real-time (according to Kiefer Sutherland, no less), and the script has been penned by Billy Ray and Mark Bomback, Tony Scott was involved for a short period between late 2010 and mid-2011, but has long since left the project, and the budget that Kiefer and Imagine Entertainment wanted for the '24' movie was a very reasonable $45m at least...

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