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Mother kills baby for interrupting Facebook time

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Alexandra V. Tobias, a woman from north Florida, was trying to play a game on Facebook. However, her infant son was crying so loudly she was unable to play the game she was trying to play on the social networking site. So, Tobias, in a rage, grabbed her infant son and shook him until he stopped crying. However, the shaking killed her son and she has now pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

Playing FarmVille

Tobias admitted to police that she had been trying to play the popular game FarmVille when her son started crying. She stated that she flew into a rage, grabbed her son and shook him. She then smoked a cigarette to compose herself only to grab the baby and shake him again.

On Wednesday Tobias appeared in court and entered her guilty plea. A sentence will be passed down in December. According to the laws of the state of Florida the sentence could be 25 to 50 years. However, a prosecutor on the case told the press that it might be less than that.


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