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American Chopper: Senior and Junior ready to do some fishing?

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Everything is working out to the good for the Teutuls on the Discovery Channel hit American Chopper, as they build a bond that may be stronger than they ever had in the past.

This week, things at American Chopper are getting personal between father and son—perhaps more personal than they were even before the legendary Senior vs. Junior feud.

“I think every time we’re up here it gets a little progressively better,” Senior said. “We’re starting to talk about some of our personal life. Which is interesting—I don’t even know if we did that before.”

There does seem to be a constant stream of chatter between father and son as they work together on their project.

“Again, I think it’s all about trust,” Senior continued. “And, I recognize the change in him, and I think he recognizes a change in me. And, I think that allows you to drop your guard a little bit and be able to talk about stuff like that.”

“I would be lying if I said I was surprised things are going well, but, you know, definitely, you don’t know going into it,” Junior said in a camera cameo. “Am I happy things are going well? Yes, I think that it’s a great thing. You know, I’m just opening it up. I feel like that it’s just a situation where I’m just kinda wide open. The idea that we’re up here, you know, working together, it kinda just puts things in a position where I’m just kinda just throwing it together. I really don’t feel like I can get hurt in this situation. And, on top of it, I don’t really have anything to lose. You know, if this works out, it’s everything to gain, really, nothing to lose.”

And, both seem to have realized that all they have done over the last few years is lose.

“You know, I think at this point, we went through so much BS, that it turned a page," Senior explained. "I think anger and being hurt and all that BS, I think that gets in the way, and doesn’t involve any clarity. So, I think that maybe this page, it will be a little bit different, and think that we can move on with life.”

And, as they left the shop for the day?

“Now, all there is left to do is do some fishin’,” son said to father as they headed out the shop door.

It’s about time.

American Chopper airs on the Discovery Channel on Monday nights at 9 p.m. E/P.

Check out this preview of tonight’s episode of American Chopper:

UPDATE: PJD and OCC do manage to get a few builds out in between relationship building sessions!

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/American Chopper


Submitted by Rose (not verified) on
I am so Thankful to finally start watching them again:) it was so difficult for me to watch his dad; rip his son like that:( now were back to the good ol days!

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