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Did Seth's attempt to sell Pontiac destroy father-son ties on Hardcore Pawn?

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Les learns about Seth's scheme to sell the Pontiac store on Hardcore Pawn, and is less than pleased, to say the least.

Seth really crossed a line on Hardcore Pawn on truTV this week.

The Pontiac branch of American Jewelry & Loan has been underperforming—Seth, Ashley, and Les all agree on that point. However, Les has made it clear to both of his kids: the Pontiac store is not for sale. Seth was not satisfied with his dad’s response, however, and decided the best way to sway his dad was to go ahead and get some buyers for the store. But, there was a glitch in his deal.

“They need money at Pontiac,” Les told Seth. “Go take this over there.”

As luck would have it, Seth’s secret meeting with a potential buyer for the Pontiac store was set to go at the time Les wanted him to run over to Pontiac.

Seth was worried, and rightly so; if the buyer approached his dad directly, well, the fallout could have been epic. So, what did Seth do?

He turned to his big sister for help.

Ashley had made it clear that she wanted no part of the deal Seth was making behind her dad’s back. But, with her baby brother in dire straits, she agreed to help and intercept the potential buyer, Rob. But, she didn’t agree happily:

“I have to be on the lookout for something I am totally against?” she demanded in a camera cameo. “Are you freakin’ kidding me?”

But, things did not work out for Seth when Rob, the potential buyer, went straight up to Les and introduced himself.

Pontiac Still Not for Sale

Needless to say, Les was stunned to find out how his son had betrayed him and, in a rare moment, speechless. But, it didn’t take him more than that moment to find his voice on the matter.

“Let me try to figure this out. Seth wants to sell you MY store.”

“Well, I don’t know whose store it is,” Rob, the potential buyer said.

“It’s MY store,” Les said, “and it’s got nothing to do with Seth. So, I apologize,” he said, ripping up the financial paperwork Rob had been given by Seth, “but the store is not for sale.”

Needless to say, Rob was furious. “So unprofessional,” he repeated as he left the store to return to Chicago.

And, needless to say, Les was beyond furious with his son.

Cold as Ice in Pontiac

“What the #(%# were you thinking?!?!?” Les demanded as Seth and Ashley walked through the door at the Pontiac store, in an attempt to speak with another potential buyer. “Did you not think that I know everything that’s going on in my business?” Les asked icily of his son. “Calling someone to buy this out from under me?”

“I thought I was doing what was best for the business,” Seth said; the fear in his eyes was huge.

“Don’t tell me what’s best for the business. I will tell you—both—what’s best for the business.”

Ashley tried to defend herself, but Les did not want to hear it, and told her to be quiet; Daddy’s little girl appeared to be shocked to have her father talk to her that way. Seth, on the other hand, apparently does not know when to quit, and began a condescending speech to Les about how he was bleeding the Detroit store dry with his refusal to sell the Pontiac store. “Cut your losses before it takes you down,” Seth told him, a crazy look in his eyes.

“I cannot even look at you right now,” Les told him, walking out of the Pontiac store.

“Now what?” Ashley asked.

That is the question viewers will be waiting to have answered when new episodes of Hardcore Pawn return to truTV in a few weeks.

Stay tuned.

Fans can catch up with the happenings at American Jewelry & Loan with the Hardcore Pawn marathon, coming up on truTV on Monday, Oct. 8, beginning at 8 p.m.

UPDATED: Hardcore Pawn returns Tuesday, November 13, with the mid-season premiere, at 9 p.m. E/P

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Submitted by SnowCajun (not verified) on
I don't know if this show is scripted or not, but I think Ashley gets the short end of the stick in everything she does. She's watched over like a prison inmate on work release for jewel theft. Seth is the most rude kid I've ever seen, mouthy and brave behind the glass and when he rushes out when someone challenges him he's got his bouncers there already, so his bravery is fake. I'm sure he's the exact type Disney had in mind for Daffy Duck. Les doesn't treat his kids equally .. Seth at least gets praised now and then, but never Ashley, and you can see how much love she has for her father. Well we'll see where it goes now that Seth has buried a knife in his fathers back by trying to sell the other store without his knowledge. Unbelievable, totally unbelievable for someones own flesh and blood to do that to them!

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