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Gold Rush: Turbo Trommel at Quartz Creek, inspector at Porcupine

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Will Todd's so-called "Turbo Trommel" produce enough to get Team Hoffman back on track to 1,000 ounces?

It’s another week on Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush, and you can believe that means it is another week of problems for America’s favorite gold miners.

Todd Hoffman and his crew have been on-site for weeks, but have no idea if they are on any gold with their dirt, because they have not had anything to run their dirt with, since their Turbo Trommel was delayed and Todd pulled out Little Blue and pitched her to the side of the road. But, this week, that should be changing. According to the Discovery Channel:

Todd and his crew finally get to test the new Turbo Trommel. Dave pushes his crew to double their last clean out. The Dakota Boys receive a visit from an inspector with the power to shut down their mine and Parker brings in dynamite to blast a boulder.

Last week Dave Turin and his crew got back on the gold for Team Hoffman, but will it be enough to get Todd on the road to a 1,000-ounce season?

Gold Rush Hitting Ratings Jackpot

Regardless of whether or not they are on the gold week-to-week, people are watching, and watching by the millions. On Friday, November 30, Discovery Channel's Gold Rush beat all broadcast television programming, including programs on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX in the ad friendly P18-49 demo during Prime Time and was the #1 program in ALL OF TELEVISION among P18-49*. Discovery Channel’s Jungle Gold, which follows Gold Rush on Friday nights, also delivered its largest P25-54 audience in the history of the series.

Gold Rush delivered a season-high 2.20 P18-49 AA% for the series and was the #1 program in ALL OF TELEVISION in key male demos including M25-54/18-49/18-34 delivery (no exclusions). It delivered 4.59 million viewers P2+, making it the highest rated telecast of the third season of Gold Rush in the P25-54 demo.

An all-new episode of Gold Rush will premiere tonight, Friday, December 7, at 9/8c. An all-new episode of Jungle Gold will follow at 10/9c, so viewers should stay tuned and continue their Friday night gold-mining experience on the Discovery Channel.

UPDATED: Turbo Trommel a bust at Quartz Creek

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Gold Rush


Submitted by HitWhit1 (not verified) on
My money is on Parker.... You go man...........And if you have need for a 47 year old former textile turned mechanical engineer call me... please!!!!

Submitted by Mike Brennan (not verified) on
Dave should take over from Todd and he should take his turbo POS home. Take the glory hog Jack back as well. When I saw him at the cleanout for Dave's crew, I thought what a jerk. Maybe Todd should go to Africa and get taken like those Juice-Head Mormans in the Jungle. Parker and his whole family rock. Give him a show and please get rid of Fred.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
What... I like Fred. Hes a hard working smart sob

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
For a mining company named after the most popular Bible verse, "God" doesn't seem to be on these fellers' side. I'm sure Todd rationalizes his failures as his god's testing of him. I'd bet his investors think differently.

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