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Fans get closer look at Lebanon Levi on Amish Mafia social reload tonight

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Tonight, a Discovery Channel "social reload" episode of Amish Mafia gives viewers a more detailed look at Lebanon Levi and his operation in Lancaster, PA.

Levi might be the “big man” as far as the Discovery Channel’s Amish Mafia is concerned, but that doesn’t mean that others aren’t out to unseat him from his current spot on top. Specifically, Merlin, the self-proclaimed “big man” in Ohio, wants Levi out of Lancaster.

Merlin claims that, unlike Levi, he wants to help people, and accuses Levi of simply following his own lusts. “His lust of money eventually is going to destroy him,” Merlin insists. Now, Merlin has decided that he is going to try and expand the area he controls in Ohio to include Levi’s area of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Of course, not everyone agrees that Merlin has everyone's best interest at heart:

Tonight, a “social reload” of episode “The Book of Levi” begins at 8/7c on the Discovery Channel. The episode will contain production facts, tweets and season sneak-peeks, giving fans more details about the lives of Lebanon Levi and the rest of the Amish Mafia cast. Although the Amish church denies that an Amish “mafia” exists, others indicate that, in fact, Levi is in control in Lancaster County:

Is there really an Amish mafia? According to the Amish church, no; according to the Discovery Channel, yes. Watch tonight and see what you think when the Amish Mafia social reload begins tonight at 8/7c.

Stay tuned.

UPDATED: Esther lures Levi into Florida vacation for two

Image: Discovery Channel

Videos: Discovery Channel/Amish Mafia


Submitted by Max (not verified) on
After watching a few episodes of Amish Mafia I think old Levi can give Tony Soprano a run for his money as a mob boss. I don’t think he’s going to like that Merlin is encroaching into his territory and will provide the proper response, Amish Mafia style. Some of my DISH coworkers didn’t believe this show existed, but I told them to go check it out. I missed last night’s episode, but I am going to see it tonight since I set a timer for it on my DISH Hopper. The 2,000 hours of recording time lets me record and store shows on my DVR and watch them when I want.

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