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Dave faces Dual Survival debacle head-on in YouTube video

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Dave Canterbury has finally addressed the ongoing Dual Survival hosting controversy, facing his fans and asking for forgiveness in a new YouTube video.

Dave Canterbury has finally addressed the public turmoil swirling around his disappearance from the popular Discovery Channel series Dual Survival.

Many people have speculated as to whether or not Dave lied on his resume, i.e. did he embellish his experience? Discovery Channel has never formally addressed the issue, which has done nothing but fuel the fires of online chats and message boards. And, many fans have angrily expressed their disappointment in the one-time reality star, others indicating hurt feelings and sadness over the situation—at least, the situation as it has been rumored to be to this point.

“I did,” Dave says honestly in a YouTube video posted on January 3, 2013, regarding whether or not he embellished some points on his resume. “I didn’t do it to hurt anyone,” he explains, “I didn’t do it to make things difficult for anyone in my family. I actually did it to, number one, better my family,” he says, “and, number two, to be able to bring the skills that I teach to a mass audience.”

Upon applying to be a part of the show and sending the resume to the Discovery Channel, Dave says that he thought it wasn’t a big deal. “There was nothing sinister in my plan,” he explains. “I was naïve to television, naïve to the entertainment industry, naïve to the way things work, and I just thought, ‘no harm, no foul.’”

Yes Harm, Yes Foul

Dave says emphatically that, yes, “Absolutely,” he regrets the embellishment. But, he goes on to add that he is not perfect—none of us are—and that he has “tried to live past it and live through it as best I can. In my school of thought, you don’t go backwards, you only go forward.”

In going forward, Dave has drawn heavily on his Christian beliefs to see him through the darker days. “I have asked forgiveness from God, from Jesus, I have asked forgiveness from my family, and now I’m asking forgiveness from my subscribers and from my friends.”

Dave Emphasizes Real-Life Experience

Fans are now wondering just how much actual outdoors/survivalist experience Dave actually has, but he indicates that he has been working in harsh, outdoors situations, on and off, since he left the military in 1988. “The reason I started the Pathfinder School to begin with was to help pass on some of the things that I have learned, and to learn along the way with the people on YouTube. That is why my motto has always been, ‘Let’s learn together,’” indicating that he learns from his YouTube subscribers every day.

It is clear that Dave is learning from his mistakes regarding the Dual Survival debacle, and is, hopefully, taking what he has learned with him as he goes forward and is putting it all into practice. Closing the video, he states, “I will strive every day for the rest of my life to be a better man, a better Christian.” Additionally, he thanks God and again apologizes for any wrongdoings he has done, and for any hurts he has caused along the way during this more-than-trying time.

Will Fans Forgive?

Many fans have been harsh, but others have been understanding of Dave's situation. Perhaps we should all ask ourselves at least one question: Who among us HASN’T embellished a resume at some point? If not for a formal work resume, shined ourselves up to make a better impression for some other important aspect of our lives? Perhaps, if we really think about his words, we will be better able to understand and maybe even forgive.

Just a thought.

Dual Survival airs on Tuesday nights on the Discovery Channel at 9/8c.

UPDATED: Did Cody, Joe turn trust-building corner in Hawaii?

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Submitted by JS (not verified) on
It is a shame, but Dave's admission stems from Dave backing himself into a corner. Dave was fired by Discovery in September of 2011 for lying about numerous things, (proved by Dave's own 2008 bio). Dave said nothing. Lundin announced that there would be a season three in April of 2012 on FB. Dave responded (the same day) with a FB post that "he" had chosen to leave the show for family and business reasons, another lie. Lundin and Discovery announced the premiere of season three was january first. Dave makes his video two days later. Any honor for someone coming to the table about wrong doings should be reserved for those who come to the table before the lies are known for more than a year. Worse, Dave does not have 20 years of experience as he claimed in the post. His own 2008 bio stated that he worked full time in an auto factory, one year before getting a tv show. What a shame to come clean with some lies, only to reenforce others.

Submitted by Adam Rose (not verified) on
Wow!! The Hippocratic bull shit coming out peoples mouths. I have been blinded to just how cold this world really is and now I see the light! Dave Canterbury is a survival expert in my opinion and he proved it when he stood toe to toe with Cody "Bet he's regretting Dave being gone now" Lundin and replaced him with that psycho they have on their now. Way to go Discovery how can you just put all the blame on him when you should be the responsible party involved and run your own background check on both the stars of the show before filming two seasons. I wish Cody the best Discovery not so much!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Right on Bros. Who hasn .t puffed. The most real survival guy is Les from Canada. Didn t Mythbusters change or tone down their own intro. Dave aint a redneck. He s a good old boy.

Submitted by TheArkofGod (not verified) on
Les starves for 7 days and then gets rescued by the show....the guy wouldn't make it because he can't get food....the dude is garbage....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Dave you put on a good show and I would watch you and Cody hitting the bush again. You guys put out good info. It beats going to the artic and jumping into the first river you see.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Let's see here now. The whole concept of the show was Dave and Cody taking the places of two people who were put into a situation where they needed to learn to survive using what nature has made available to them. So, one of these people is going barefoot to a place where there is snow? Where's the integrity in that? 1). No one with any intelligence would knowingly do that. 2). Now you are putting yourself and your partner in danger because of it. Dave had to constantly slow down or put himself in a dangerous situation to help Cody out because he was barefoot. I learned more about survival from Dave than I did from Cody on this show. This new guy has no personality and is too gun-ho about everything. Did you see the way he looked around after he killed the pig? What did he think he was? A lion who just made a kill and was looking around in case another lion was going to take his pig? What about the rattlesnake kill? Bring back Dave!!!

Submitted by Adam Rose (not verified) on
Does the new guy not remind you of Ben Stiller in the movie Tropical Thunder? LMAO

Submitted by JD (not verified) on
Just watched the new DS episode. Where did they find this new guy, Joe?? I swear he tried to sell me a used car a few months ago. It was unanimous, no one in the house could stand his whining, know-it-all comments, and that goofy look on his face. Cody seems to look a little bewildered with his comments and there does not appear to be any chemistry between the two. How 'bout giving Dave a second chance and bring him back? If not, Les Stroud will be the only "Survivor" show I'll be watching.

Submitted by LD (not verified) on
Actually the new guy reminds me of Mancow.. LOL Seriously though... Dave BS'd his way into something that would benefit his family. I've done it... you've done it... if you haven't yet I'm sure you're thinking of doing it... and it was NOT because he isn't qualified or expert in the subject matter. It was to get past the politics and "red tape" so he could get in the door and deliver his expertise. I have BS'd my way into a job knowing that I was more than capable of doing the job (and better than some snot nose fresh out of college wet behind the ears youngin) without the college degree... I knew I could give them more than their money's worth. This is exactly what Dave does... he's the best of the best with or without the fancy resume' ... He gave Discovery MORE than their money's worth... Drinking your own piss doesn't impress me Mancow... cut your arm open to simulate an injury and teach how to care for that wound, Now THAT is dedication and expertise. Give me Dave... or get the hell off my damn television with this new CRAP of a show. I don't want to pay for sub par programming... and this because of politics and red tape BS. If Dave were negligent somehow then fine... but if he delivered then discovery should support him. If anything, get rid of the hair braided barefoot hippy stuff.

Submitted by kela (not verified) on
Dave I would love to be stuck with u any where.... No matter what u r an epic survivalist and should be proud of what u have accomplished..... u not only proved u r a accomplished talented but such a gentleman.God bless u and thank u for those epic episodes.... Xo


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