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Esther lures Levi into Florida vacation for two on Amish Mafia

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Viewers have speculated on just what types of punishment an "Amish Mafia" would inflict on those veering off the prescribed road; now they know.

Finally, some REAL Amish Mafia action!

When the promotion for Discovery Channel’s Amish Mafia was floated out there, a lot of people thought the very idea was hilarious. What exactly would an “Amish Mafia” do? Terrorize milk cows? Vandalize buggies? Forcibly quip homes with electricity? Internet chatters were buzzing with suggestions.

Last night, fans of Amish Mafia got to see the “gangsters” in action, as they taught John a lesson he will not soon forget, destroying his buggy after he was found organizing an illegal buggy drag race—yes, a buggy drag race with actual buggies and horses—and working with Levi’s Ohio nemesis, Merlin. Following the race, Levi’s enforcers unhitched the horse—it wasn’t the horse’s doing, after all—and started smashing the buggy, rolling it over and making sure everything that COULD be broken WAS broken. And, just to be sure that the buggy was rendered useless, Jolin hooked the buggy up to his very expensive, very un-Amish (he’s Mennonite, by the way, for those who have not been watching regularly) pickup truck and dragged it down the road to finish off its usefulness.

Now, THAT is what one would expect to be uncovered in a show called Amish Mafia.

In another interesting clip, one of Merlin’s enforcers was seen destroying a rather crudely constructed roadside fruit stand, like a Gallagher-gone-Amish. No cows were seen being terrorized—perhaps, like the horses, the Amish Mafia recognizes that the animals are innocent bystanders of their owners’ transgressions—but, overall, yes, the “punishments” being handed out lived up to the various musings of, “What exactly does an ‘Amish Mafia’ do when crossed?”

Evil Esther

Fans can be sure, however, that Levi is not finished with John. After Levi was lured away from Lancaster by John’s sister and object of Levi’s infatuation, Esther, John teamed up with Merlin to plan and execute the buggy drag races, and when he found out, Levi was less than pleased. John may be left with few choices, other than buddy up with Merlin in Ohio. But, the more pressing question has to do with Levi and Esther: Is he ever going to put two-and-two together and figure out that he is being played and played hard? And, when he finds out that, after tearfully revealing that she is the single mother of two, and telling him that she simply cannot bear to have a man in her life following earlier abuses at the hands of another, Esther has actually been satisfying her lusts with Jolin behind Levi's back (you know he’s going to find out sooner or later, after all), will Levi come down on his second-in-command? Or, better yet, will he come down on Esther?

In the meantime, check out a little Amish buggy racing:

Stay tuned.

Amish Mafia airs on the Discovery Channel on Wednesday nights at 9/8c.

UPDATED: Season finale of Amish Mafia

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Huffington Post


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