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Happy New Year to Dual Survival fans!

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Finally, after way too long, Discovery Channel hit Dual Survival returns, and tonight fans get to welcome back Cody Lundin and meet his new partner, Joe Teti.

Dual Survival fans are starting off 2013 with the return (finally) of Cody Lundin, along with his new partner in survival, Joseph Teti. How they work together will determine not only how they survive on-screen, but how they survive OFF-screen, as well, with viewers.

A lot of controversy has followed Dual Survival since it was revealed that Cody would be getting a new partner, but fans seem eager to give the new duo a chance. Lundin and Teti have vastly different training backgrounds and survivalist strategies, but, as Discovery points out, skill supported by creative thinking and partnership can get people through some of the most dangerous situations they may find themselves enduring. This season, Cody and Joe will take on some of the world’s most challenging—and unforgiving—landscapes, setting up camp from Chile to Zambia.

Back to Basics

Tonight, Dual Survival returns to the Discovery Channel at 8/7c, with the one-hour special, Dual Survival: Unbraided. Fans will meet Cody’s new partner, Joe, a combat-tested, Special Operations veteran, who has survived countless high-risk missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Discovery expects that Joe will bring a new intensity to the show, taking survival skills to new heights for viewers. Says Discovery, “It is clear that Cody Lundin and Joe Teti bring new chemistry, heated battles, opposing philosophies, differing styles, and a great start!” Fans will have a chance to see some previews of this season’s survival tests during this special, and see for themselves just how the pair interacts. Additionally, fans will get to go behind-the-scenes with Cody at his self-designed, self-reliant passive solar Earth home in the high desert of Northern Arizona.

Cody on Joe

Joe on Cody

Season Premiere

Following the one-hour special, the season premiere of Dual Survival, “Mars on Earth,” begins at 9/8c. According to the Discovery Channel:

Two guys with two completely opposing approaches to survival take on one of the most barren landscapes on the planet, Chile’s Atacama Desert, known as “Mars on Earth”. Battling dehydration and hyperthermia, Joe and Cody lock horns over resources, including their own urine.

Drinking urine? You know you cannot miss that. And, if you want to get a head-start on the night, Discovery Channel is running a full day of survival, including episodes of Man vs. Wild; Man, Woman, Wild; and a mini-marathon of previous Dual Survival favorites, beginning at 3 p.m.

UPDATED: Will fans give Joe Teti a chance?

Image: Discovery Channel

Videos: Discovery Channel/Dual Survival


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I do not like Joe because of his bad language and always wants to argue. Please just a good family program

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