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Improve house listing description

Every day thousands of houses are listed online for sale, but most of them never make the top page of Google and are lost in search engine rankings. What can real estate agents do about this to improve the listing's ranking in search engines?

There are of course number variables at play when it comes to how Google ranks real estate listings or any result in general. Once I heard there are more than 200 variables that comprise Google's ranking algorithm. But one thing real estate agents can do is very powerful.

You can write a detailed description of your listing. Make it few paragraphs if you can. Here is what Google's Gary Illyes said yesterday during PubCon. He was talking about something, which is referred as "thin content." I think this is self-explainatory. I was not at PubCon, but tweets show that he suggested web publishers use noinsex instead of 404. Those who are webmasters will understand what I just wrote in the previous sentence, but real estate agents who publish daily blog or write descriptions about their listsings may now know about this as it is a technical information.

However, here is what realtors, home inspectors and mortgage bloggers can learn from this and change in their writing: Thin or bad content is not favored by Google.

Therefore, when you write your listing's description, be as detailed as possible. Include some local names as local keywords. When you publish your listing in other websites, do not use the very same description because what you are doing is spreading duplicate content, which is a big no-no from a search engine point of view. Why is this? Because search engines don't want to spend server resources to crawl the same thing more than ones.

Thus, without wanting to make this article any longer here are two tips for real estate professionals.

  1. Write longer descriptions for your listings
  2. Don't duplicate them

If you have any questions, please comment below for discussion. Also see what Google wants You to do to improve your real estate blog.


Submitted by Gay Rosen (not verified) on
Thank you Armen for some great advice. Makes perfect sense.. and I will implement .

You are most welcome Gay. Indeed little things like this help to improve real estate listings' Google and other search engine rankings, which translates to more home sales at the end. Please subscribe to our newsletter for daily tips like this.

Submitted by Jeff (not verified) on
Thanks for sharing. In fact, all businesses should have a mobile website-one that is specifically designed for mobile use vs a desktop website rendered to a smaller screen. Desktop websites have their place but for the mobile user, a mobile website is designed with an on-the-go user in mind-fast loading, useful and usable with large, easy to click icons.

You are most welcome. My latest story is about Mobile site. What we do is using a responsive design, which works pretty well. Thank you very much, it's indeed key for showing real estate listings in a very nice and communicative way for potential home buyers and home sellers.

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