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What To Do If Your Home's Personality Is Too Much?

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Calgary Real Estate

You love your home, the memories you have in it and all of the belongings that you've gathered over the years. And while you can look around at the paint colors and other decorations knowing that they mean something, buyers may not feel the same way when your home is put up for sale.

Written by Joe Samson

You local real estate agent can be the a great resource when it comes to receiving honest feedback about the things that you should take care of before putting your home on the market. If you're hoping to sell quickly and are serious about getting things done, then take a look at these tips below from Joe Samson & Associates.

Take Out Personal Items

Buyers want to walk through a home imagining what it will look like once they live there, not what it looks like when you're there. This is why it's best to take down your family pictures, diplomas, personal items and anything else that is on display. It's free to do this and it can help you avoid problems with potential buyers being uncomfortable.

Take a Different Perspective

When it comes time to sell your home, you need to start looking at it as an investment rather than a place you've grown in. Will this be easy? Probably not, but it is necessary. By detaching yourself you'll be working to get the biggest return, and you'll be more focused on the actual sale than what people think about the house.

Ask yourself this: do you want the maximum amount of buyers to come by? If you do, then detach yourself and view things from their perspective.

Cover up Bold Paint

While you might love your royal blue or fire red walls, they could potentially put buyers off. The best thing you can do is re-paint your home with neutral colours, like whites or creams. These might not be your top choices, but they will help sell your home, and that’s the goal, isn’t it?

And don’t just stop with paint. If you have bold panelling or wallpaper, take that down as well. Your goal should be to make your home as neutral as possible so it appeals to a variety of buyers. Let them be the ones to imagine what colours they can paint or decorations they can bring in.

Keep Rooms True to Their Purpose

If you have a kitchen, then display it as a kitchen. If you have a dining room, then show it as that rather than the office you've turned it into. Buyers can get confused if they see rooms being used for other things, and this can decrease chances of them making a bid on your place.

Visuals are extremely important when people walk through a home or even look at pictures of it online. No matter what you are using a room for, it should be shown to the potential buyers as what it actually is. This is an affordable way of increasing chances of sales, so don't put it off.

If you can do the things listed above, you will be giving your buyers a better experience when they see your home! And what’s even better is that this mean an easier and more streamlined sale for you, which is something every seller wants to experience.


Good tips to tone down a home to become more neutral. Buyers want to visualize themselves and their belongings in the home...not get distracted by the sellers style/stuff.

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