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Exclusive Buyers Agency Means No Dating Around

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Exclusive Buyers Agency

Real estate agents ask buyers to enter into an exclusive representation agreement with them for the buying of real estate. The agent wants to be assured the relationship will end on a favorable note at the closing table. This agreement creates a contract between the parties and agency and it spells out how an agent is to be paid for their services. It is an exclusive relationship and a commitment is expected.

Retirement: It's Not Your Grandma's House Anymore

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Active members of the 50+ community are are seeking to be a part of the real estate market in a much different way than before. Instead of keeping the family home as their parents did, they are seeking to make their dreams come true after a lifetime of dedicated work. It's time to downsize, and seek out dream locations like the mountains and ocean for the next phase of life.

Sandpoint Idaho Events that take a bit more planning

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Sandpoint Idaho

With Spring and Summer just around the corner everyone is looking forward to the special events, art shows, and music venues that Sandpoint Idaho hosts. Some events need be planned on more in advance than waking up and deciding to make it a day trip. Three such Sandpoint Idaho events are the International Selkirk Loop Ride/Rotary WaCanId 350 miles Bicycle Ride. The Rotary "Chafe 150" Bicycle Ride, and for a little change up the Long Bridge swim across the Pend Oreille River. 1.76 Miles!


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