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A Strange Meeting With a Home Seller and A New Outlook on Personal Safety

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Amazed Real Estate Agent

This past week I have seen multiple stories about personal safety in the Real Estate Industry. One that stood out to me was a post by Hannah Williams titled “No Commission is Worth Your Life.” It is a reminder that as Realtors we face potential danger on a daily basis. This is the story of an agent that unexpectedly faced a danger when going to see a possible seller.

Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft and Loss of Confidentiality at Showings and Open Houses

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Identity Theft While Showing a House

Identity theft is rampant these days, and it’s getting harder and harder to protect ourselves. Home showings and open houses could be one way your confidentiality and identity could be threatened. But some common sense will help reduce that likelihood.

March Madness: Selling your home for the best possible price

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Seeling a House

You have probably heard that spring is the best time to list your home for sale, but most people don’t really discuss how to use this strategy effectively. When it's cold outside and the snow is falling, it's hard to get into spring fever mode and get excited about listing your home. Using a REALTOR® who understands the local market and how to use statistics and strategies to win the pricing game is invaluable.

Tax Time Good News If You sold a Home on a Short Sale

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Home Short Sales

The good news is that the debt forgiveness act of 2007 was extended through December 31st of 2014. If you had a short sale on your primary home that closed escrow before December 31st of 2014 the IRS is not going to be coming after you the difference. Are you behind on your mortgage payments? It is time to get help.

Why Many Still Prefer New Homes in San Antonio, TX

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New Homes For Sale in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas continues to rapidly grow in population as the seventh largest city in the nation, and many who are relocating to our lovely city for job opportunities, medical facilities, lower cost of living, or exemplary schools are looking to purchase a new construction homes. Yes, New Homes Sales are on the rise, and are expected to exceed the 2014 numbers.

Has Real Estate Really Recovered?

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Real Estate Recovery

Has real estate recovered? The truth may lie in the eye of the beholder. The realities of real estate as a livelihood often differ from the day to day headlines our potential clients read and hear in the media. Hype and spin are often joined at the hip in our business, but that does still not confer the title that headlines are gospel. Real estate organizations, the government, brokerages, mortgage brokers, and banks all try to keep a positive spin on things even in the worst of times.


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