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3 Successful House Flipper Secrets

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House Flipping Secrets

Channel Surfing can land anyone passive viewer on a show about house flipping in seconds. Not to mention the house flippers that are now gracing the cover of magazines, t.v. commercials and more!

Like most t.v. shows that, house flipping looks like a breeze! Taking seconds to find a home, upgrade, paint and make a profit. While real house flipping is miles away from this reality, many house flippers can be quite successful and profitable than ever before.

What is a Right of First Refusal in Real Estate

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What is a First Right of Refusal in Real Estate Sales?

The right of first refusal in real estate may sound very complicated, but in fact, it is a straightforward concept. It is often used in the United States as well as Europe. Since the financial crisis, it has become increasingly popular in some areas. One of the most popular uses of the first right of refusal is when a tenant has been leasing a property for a long time.

Byron GA Single Family Home Report - July 2018 Edition

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Byron, GA real estate

Byron GA Single Family Home Report - July 2018 Edition

The lack of inventory has yet to catch up to this market as home sales for the real estate market in Byron GA continued to stay high. It is surprising as there are less than 2 months of homes for buyers and investors to choose from right now. Did you hear that homeowners...now is a great time to put your home up for sale in this market.


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