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How Do Your Room Colors Make You Feel?

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Room paint colors

Colors of the rooms where you live can influence your mood and thoughts. Color trends will come and go, but choosing colors should reflect your own personality. On the other hand, when you are selling a home, even though a Realtor can point out to a buyer that it's only paint and cosmetic fixes, when selling, keep in mind the more neutral the color is, the more comfortable a buyer may feel in the surroundings.

Clarksville TN's Real Estate Absorption Rate is Improving

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Clarksville's market is improving with more sales.

What is the Real Estate Absorption Rate in Clarksville TN's Real Estate Market? It is the rate the current inventory is expected to be sold based on the performance in the market over the last few months. To analyze the absorption rate, we look at the selling rate and I like to look at the last 3 to six months to get a reading on where the trends are really heading.

Clarksville TN Offers Quality of Life and Here's Why

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Clarksville offers quality of life to its residents.

When a city grows at a fast pace you want to know why and Clarksville TN is the fifth-fastest growing city in the nation of cities with a population of over 50,000. It's close proximity to Nashville is part of the reason and the affordability of housing as compared to counties closer to the state capitol is also part of the reason.

National Association of Realtors protecting our right to home ownership

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NAR Protecting home ownership

National Association of Realtors (NAR) is constantly working hard to ensure that people can achieve home ownership and invest in real estate. Each year they work to fight off expensive and burdensome regulations that would make owning a home difficult for many. Come see the highlights of 2014.


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