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This 4 Bedroom Home in Rossview Schools is One of The Best Buys in Clarksville TN

4 bedroom home for sale in clarksville tn

When you are a home buyer concerned about school zones you may be wanting to find an affordable 4 bedroom home in Rossview Schools in the Clarksville TN area. Rossview Schools are some of the most requested school zones in Clarksville and Montgomery County. The good news is that there are many 4 bedroom homes available and some of them are top notch and full of amenities to please any family.

Leveraging Local IRA Investors In Your Real Estate Business

Local IRA Investors in Real Estate

I deal with a lot of real estate investors, mortgage brokers, financial advisers and realtors who are always out there looking for the next lead! Don't get me wrong, word of mouth advertising and networking is an important part of business in the finance and real estate world, but its not the best or an effective use of your time.

TRID: How The TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Works

TRID Mortgage Disclosure Form

I recently attended a seminar regarding TRID. That is the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure. The basic premise is that the home buyer, now known as the Consumer, should “Know before you Owe.” The consumer has the opportunity to view the Loan Estimate (previously the Good Faith Estimate) before formally applying with a particular institution and paying an application fee. Ideally the consumer will have more opportunity to compare banks.


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