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Realtors Should Check Their Robots.txt File and Hear What Google Just Said

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John Mueller

Large and small real estate websites and blogs have listings that are already sold or outdated. Many of them use robots.txt files to tell Google, Bing and Yahoo what to crawl and when to craw. Two day's ago Google's John Mueller made some clarification on Robots.txt file that is good to know so you don't hurt your listings' rankings in search engine by mistake.

Fed's warning and its effect on current mortgage rates

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Feds warning on today's mortgage rates

Yesterday the Fed's meeting voted to keep the Fed Funds Rate near zero percent while warning that members will decide future rates on a meeting-by-meeting basis. I asked Buzz Mackintosh of Mackintosh Inc, REALTORS to explain for our readers what Fed's warning means and how it will change today's low mortgage rates. This is what Mackintosh said to in a written reply.

Could Unbundled Real Estate Services be Beneficial to Agents and Consumers?

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Unbundled Real Estate Services

In the last couple of days, we have been reading quite a bit about the partnership between NAR and Lowe's coming to an end over the company's affiliation with S o l o P r o (SP from now on) - an online service company that offers individual real estate services to buyers in an a la carte fashion.

7 Tips and Tools For Realtors' Social Media Strategy

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Social Media for Real Estate Agents

Traffic and business from social media channels are increasingly becoming a major source for business leads not only for real estate agents and mortgage brokers, but also for any business. How can realtors make their profiles and message more visible in overcrowded social media platforms? Here are some useful tools you can use for your social media strategy.

The Pros and Cons for Borrowers on More Transparent Mortgage Disclosure Forms

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Online Mortgage Application

Mortgage disclosure forms will be changed and new forms will be implemented this month. New government rules, which require mortgage loan lenders to provide borrowers more detailed information about their mortgages will go into effect this month. Home loan lenders are now required to explain mortgage loan terms to home buyers in unprecedented detail.

What Would Happen To Your Real Estate Business Without Social Media

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Real Estate and Social Media

This morning I was surfing the news and saw an interesting question and answer discussion by a group of real estate agents discussing if their real estate business would suffer should social media ceased to exist? Real Estate and Social Media. Here are few opinions from the discussion.


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