How The Rise in Mortgage Rates Impact Average Buyer's Ability to Qualify for a Loan

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Impact of Today's Mortgage Rates on Buyers

While the current mortgage rates are still under 4%, yesterday the average 30-year mortgage rates rose to 3.82 percent. I asked my friend Park McCants from Eugine, OR, a retired Realtor and developer with 30 years experience, what the slight rise in rates means for the average American home buyers and the real estate industry in general. Here is McCants in his own words.

FHA Streamline Refinance in 2015 Will Save You Money

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Refinance FHA Mortgage

The FHA has played a major role in helping home buyers purchase home since the collapse of the mortgage industry. Over the years the FHA has increased and decreased the mortgage insurance premiums it has charged to borrowers. However, the recent decrease in mortgage insurance premiums by the FHA and FHA mortgage rates makes the FHA Streamline Refinance an attractive home loan.

3 Things Not to Do When Going Through the Mortgage Process

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Mortgage application

Getting a mortgage in today's real estate environment takes planning, preparation and patience on the part of the home buyer. If the home buyer is working with an experienced loan officer who knows what documents to ask for up front and how to guide ones loan application through the underwriting process the mortgage process can be much easier for the home buyer.


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