Negative Mortgage Rates – Will They Affect U.S. Homeowners?

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Negative Mortgage Rates

European Banks are in uncharted waters…only these waters are inverted...up is down and down is up. Who has ever heard of negative interest rates? That just seems messed up! As the European Central Bank has begun its version of Quantitative Easing, that’s exactly what has happened. Mortgage rates on some mortgage products have gone below zero. What kind of affect could that have on U.S. mortgage holders?

How mortgage rates improved after weaker than expected Jobs Report

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Mortgage rates and improving business environment

Mortgage rates improved slightly on Friday after an unexpectedly weak jobs report was released by the Labor Department. Economists predicted the strength seen in the labor market the past several months would continue when the March numbers were released. But the numbers came out and disappointed to the downside causing mortgage rates to improve by a small margin.

Are Potential Home Buyers Ignoring The News Of Rising Mortgage Rates?

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Mortgage rates rising

A year ago the news was that the mortgage rates were going to go up but it never happened in 2014 and the folks buying homes could get really good rates on their mortgages. Now in 2015 we are hearing again an even more solid information that Mortgage rates will begin to rise in 2015.

More Jobs are Good, but They Also Mean Higher Mortgage Rates

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Mortgage Rates and Jobs

The Labor Department issues its Jobs report on a monthly basis and the numbers in recent months have indicated the economy is posting some of its strongest job gains in years. That is great news for the US economy after years of moderate to no growth. However, what is good for the economy often is not good for mortgage interest rates.

Refinance your High Rate Mortgage to Save Thousands in Interest

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Refinance a high rate mortgage

Homeowners who have mortgage rates higher than prevailing market rates may be missing out on a prime opportunity to put their family in a much more favorable long term financial position. Sometimes these opportunities don’t present themselves very often and right now with mortgage rates hovering near their all-time lows it’s a great time for homeowners to take advantage of the opportunity to lower their interest rate and their mortgage payment.

Mortgage Rates edge up following a strong February Jobs Report

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mortgage rates

The Labor Department on Friday issued it’s monthly non-farm jobs report with another strong report showing strength taking hold in the economy. Employers added 295,000 workers in February which also caused the unemployment rate to drop. The data was positive in almost every area, except for wage growth which still has remained stubbornly steady.


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