Four Loan Programs That Require Little or No Money Down

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Home Loan

With the spring home buying season upon us now is the time for prospective home buyers to make their home financing plans among the many options available. Hopefully home buyers have spent the winter evaluating neighborhoods, learning about area schools and driving neighborhoods where they may want to live. Now comes the time to decide how to pay for that dream home.

FHA Reduces its Mortgage Insurance Premium

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FHA Home Loan Payment Reduction

FHA home loans have been very popular among first time home buyers since the collapse of the mortgage industry. The reason why the loan is popular is because FHA loans are accompanied by low mortgage rates and some of the least stringent underwriting guidelines. However, the biggest drawback to FHA loans over the past few years has been the high cost of mortgage insurance.

Parenting Expert Daddy Nickell Shares Tips for Helping Your Kids Survive Homesickness at Summer Camp

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Summer camp

It's your kid and you'll cry if you want to 'cause breaking up for summer camp is hard to do! As school comes to an end, many parents are sending their kids to Christian summer camps to learn about religion and life as well as experience a bit of freedom. But how can you handle it when you miss your kids? See what Daddy Nickell has to say about it.


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