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Do your home buyers plan ahead for their renovations?

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Home Renovation

Buyers are usually excited and anxious to get into their new house. At the same time, they often want to "fix things up" to make the house into their home. Sometimes, this is just a matter of cleaning and painting. Often, they want to sand and refinish the floors (or even replace them...or add hardwood to sections). Sometimes, they need to replace the dirty and smelly carpets. Other times, they have grandiose plans to remodel the whole kitchen. It's important for buyers to plan ahead on these projects.

When Selling a Home There Are Hidden Gems that Bring in Buyers

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Selling a home

It is no secret that some features in a home pay off big and could even bring more money to the table when the owner goes to sell. Last year, agents on ActiveRain, a real estate blogging network were asked to evaluate which of those features impressed buyers and increased the chances of selling. There were those that you would expect and others that may surprise you.


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